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A Luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast. In Hawaii special occasions such as weddings, birthdays (especially baby's first birthday), anniversaries and political victories are celebrated with the luau. The luau is the perfect expression of Hawaiian hospitality and signifies a celebration of what the Hawaiian spirit and lifestyle are all about. Historically, the luau was a celebration to the Hawaiian gods giving thanks for having survived long and often arduous ocean voyages. The ingredients for a luau are an abundance of food, laughter, leis, flowers, and music-shared with those you love.

Planning a luau?

The perfect way to begin is with flowers, lots of Hawaiian Tropical flowers and leis for all of your guests. Don't forget to ask us for wholesale pricing on your large lei orders.

How to Make Your Own Orchid Lei
Remove stems from blossoms. Thread needle and insert through throat of blossom. Approximately 60 to 100 blossoms are required for a lei depending on the size you want. After stringing, gently push the blossoms close together. Tie the ends when finished.

Loose Orchid blossom Care
Unpack your blossoms and immerse in tap water for a few minutes. Drain on towel and place in plastic bag and either refrigerate or place in ice chest with flat layer of damp newspaper on top and below and no ice in chest until ready to use. The blossoms should not be at a temperature below 55 degrees F.
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